Local Artist Spotlight January 18 2014

Sea Life Silhouettes
Ocean Art Pottery by Gary L. Wilson


Local Artist Gary Wilson has worked over 30 years creating unique art pottery.  A graduate of the University of Redlands in California, with a degree in Art and Education, his pieces are in private and public collections worldwide. 
The pieces we chose to offer reflect the underwater world.  Shades of blue and green are blended with the look of natural sunlight that filters down through the water.  Gary captures the visual impression or ambiance of this realm, not necessarily the realism of each fish or plant.  This impressionistic style is created by blending at least five different glazes on each of the wheel thrown pots.  The blending is accomplished by using a spray gun and airbrush and by melting the glazes in a high temperature kiln.
Gary's mission is to create art, inspired by nature, that will motivate people to take  a closer look at themselves, to explore firsthand our natural treasures and in doing so feel moved to help protect our planet.
"Sea Life Silhouettes" is a limited edition series and we are thrilled to be able to offer these lovely pieces to you at an affordable price.
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